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Basic Information
Credit card logos here, perhaps, lining the top..? Hmm

Our shopping cart was designed and created by T.J. Burns, the former owner and original founder of Chameleon's Den. Our system is designed with our customers' safety and security in mind, above all other concerns. Allow us to take a moment, please, to explain.

When you buy something from Chameleon's Den, No credit card information or addresses are stored on our server, encrypted or not, for any hacker to attempt to break into. Annoying customers is really bad for business, so we will never email you with advertisements, unless you choose to sign up for our mailing list.

Lastly, we do not process credit card transactions ourselves, but instead use the secure services of Google Checkout and PayPal. Under this policy, nobody at Chameleon's Den will ever see your credit card number, nor do we have any access to it, giving our customers the utmost of security. We trust each other completely, and are happy that so many of our customers do as well, but we believe this is an important security step, in case anyone were ever to break into our store, heaven forbid!

Having trouble using our shopping cart?

Each item in our store, if it's available for purchase, will have a button with it to add that item to your shopping cart. The system has to use a cookie, which is a plain text session ID that is stored on your own computer, to keep track of that information. All modern web browsers support this, and virtually all of them accept cookies by default.

If you are receiving a message about needing cookies to be enabled, or if you find that items you add to your cart vanish from it right after adding them, then you most likely need to enable cookies in your web browser. The instructions on doing this differ depending on what browser and version you're using, but it's usually pretty easy to find. The following example is from the Linux version of Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6.

First off, at the top of your web browser, above our page, you should see some options that say File, Edit, View... Click on Edit, and then click on Preferences. You should then see a screen similar to this:

If the button labeled Privacy is not currently highlighted, then click on it to select that tab. You will need to put a checkmark next to the "Accept cookies from sites" option and then click close. That should be all that's needed, but you will need to re-add any items to your shopping cart that you want before they'll become visible.

If you're confused about how to do this with your web browser, or are having problems after making sure your cookies are on.. Or if you have any questions whatsoever, really, please feel free to contact us and we'll do the best we can to help you!

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