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[Staff] Spring is finally here! This is a great time to 'spring forward' and buy that anime treasure you've always wanted!



    Clothing Patches are known by many names, including Sewing Patches and Iron-on Patches, althouth not all of them are iron-on.  Our anime clothing patches are strong patches of fabric, designed to be attached to anything cloth-related.  Anyone with very basic sewing knowledge can attach them to your clothing to add a unique style.

    Anime clothing patches aren't limited specifically to clothing, however...  Anything made out of cloth can have a sewing patch added to it.  Add your favorite anime characters to school backpacks, giving them a fun change from the ordinary.  Some people put anime patches on their hats or shoes, and they're very commonly put on the shoulders or backs of jackets and coats.

    Wherever you prefer to add them, clothing patches are a fun way to express yourself, as well as decorate your everyday items with artwork from your favorite anime, manga, or video game!

    Collectable pins are a fast and easy way to accessorize for the day.  These are the little pins, usually metal, that people often will stick into their shirts and wear around.  In the case of anime pins, many people will select a character each morning that fits their mood, and wear that pin around wherever they go.

    Collectable pins can be used in many different ways, as you see fit.  Some people stick anime pins in their shoes, while others display manga pins in their hats.  Some collectors have actual displays in their homes of pins they've gathered, while other video game fans have been known to stick video game pins in their carrying bags.. or, at times, into game systems and controllers. (Not recommended)

    Anime/manga pins are well liked due to how versatile they are.  They can be added to almost anything, but please remember, they're designed for clothing.

    Anime keychains, as well as manga keychains and video game keychains, are fun ways to store and personalize your keys.  There are many different kinds of keychains in the anime collectables field..

    Acrylic anime keychains are hard and clear, except where the anime character, logo, or whatever is.

    Metal anime keychains have many different styles.  These are sometimes engraved, sometimes colored, sometimes glossy.

    Vinyl anime keychains are like a strong, flexible plastic.  These keychains are often rather large.

    All of these styles of keychains can also be anime charm keychains, which often have tiny little charms of the anime characters.  These keychains are designed where you can mix and match the charms, adding many charms to your keychain.

    Anime necklaces, including anime cosplay necklaces, make wonderful gifts, as well as keepsakes.  A cosplay necklace is a necklace that is designed to look exactly like a necklace in a specific anime, manga, or video game.

    We have several beautiful anime necklaces, both cosplay and not.  Please be aware that we can custom order many necklaces that we do not currently have in stock, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for anything in particular!

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