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Video Game and Anime Collectable Pins


Anime/Manga Collectable Pins
    Collectable pins are a fast and easy way to accessorize for the day.  These are the little pins, usually metal, that people often will stick into their shirts and wear around.  In the case of anime pins, many people will select a character each morning that fits their mood, and wear that pin around wherever they go.

    Collectable pins can be used in many different ways, as you see fit.  Some people stick anime pins in their shoes, while others display manga pins in their hats.  Some collectors have actual displays in their homes of pins they've gathered, while other video game fans have been known to stick video game pins in their carrying bags.. or, at times, into game systems and controllers. (Not recommended)

    Anime/manga pins are well liked due to how versatile they are.  They can be added to almost anything, but please remember, they're designed for clothing.