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[System] Last year, we were happy to hear two customers tell us that our Black Friday sale prices were lower than any other store they could find.. We weren't having a sale though, so enjoy our prices during the holiday season! Our stock is limited, however, so be sure to order anything you want before someone else does!

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    While the term anime truly means all forms of animation, most of us in the western world, whether we realize it or not, use it only for manga-style animation.  A manga is similar to a comic book, and are often sold in volumes, which are about the size of a regular book each.

    Almost always, the manga comes before the anime..  A story's manga has the complete story, as it was written by the original author.  It's not uncommon for an anime to change the story, either slightly or completely, as it's made, nor is it uncommon for an anime to stop in the middle of a story...  If a fan wants to read the story as it was originally, in its entirity, then they can turn to manga.

    There is a truly vast amount of manga available out there...  Please remember that while our selection is small, we'd be happy to custom order anything that you may be looking for!