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Nintendo Entertainment System
    The Nintendo Entertainment System, often called the NES for short, made its premiere in the video game world in 1983, and came to North America in 1985.  Modelled after the Japanese Famicom, the NES offered 8-bit graphics and several fun accessories, such as R.O.B. the Robot, the Nintendo Power Glove, and the more common Nintendo Zapper and Nintendo Power Pad.

    In modern times, there are a number of different systems that can play the classic NES games, including the handheld 'Game Axe' system, and several brand new generic video game systems.

    A number of popular video game series started out as classic Nintendo games.  The first Dragon Warrior game, also known as Dragon Quest, is a prime example, and one well loved by NES gamers.  Squaresoft's famous Final Fantasy was also on the NES, long before they merged with Enix.

    Nintendo theirselves also had a list of beloved classic games on this system.  Who can forget going through the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Brothers, chasing after King Koopa to free Princess Peach?  We also had Samus Aran, my favorite video game heroine, fighting against the forces of Mother Brain in Metroid..  The Legend of Zelda allowed us to bring peace to a post-apocalyptic world as our hero, Link, and who can ever forget swallowing your enemies to absorb their powers, with Kirby?