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Nintendo 64

    The Nintendo 64 system, also known as the N64 for short, was released in 1996 with its amazing 64-bit CPU, while still using the now-classic cartridges for its games.  As time passed, the Nintendo 64 ended up being Nintendo's last cartridge-based console video game system, which many classic gamers consider to be quite a shame.  Video game cartridges are known to be very long-lasting, and fast-loading, but their graphics capabilities are limited..

The Nintendo 64 system had a number of optional enhancements that a lot of people never really understood.  One of the most commonly overlooked enhancement is the N64 Expansion Pak, which increases the system's RAM memory to 8mb.  Some N64 games required this extra RAM for full functionality, which caused some confusion among the video game players of the time.

    The Nintendo 64 put a 3 dimensional spin on a lot of classic games, offering gamers new ways to experience their favorite classic worlds.  Super Mario 64 was a prime example of that, allowing you to explore the Mushroom Kingdom in 3D.  Other classics also returned, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    The Nintendo 64's 3D atmosphere added some extra fun to some multiplayer games, as well.  Excitebike 64 expanded on the classic dirtbike racing, and Mario Kart 64 gave us a whole new way of playing Mario Kart.

    The Nintendo 64's 3D style also brought us a number of First Person Shooter style games, which were, for the most part, previously ignored on the classic console systems.  Where first person shooter games go, espionage will follow.  James Bond had a couple of fun games on the N64, followed up with Joanna Dark in Perfect Dark.