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Announcement from Chameleon's Den
[System] Last year, we were happy to hear two customers tell us that our Black Friday sale prices were lower than any other store they could find.. We weren't having a sale though, so enjoy our prices during the holiday season! Our stock is limited, however, so be sure to order anything you want before someone else does!


Video Game Plushies, Anime Plushies, Manga Plushies


    Plushies and Pillows, and other soft stuff. For now, we have our T-shirts listed in here, as well. Come on in, look around, but don't go squeezing any of the kawaii things you may see!

    As always, please remember that we can custom order many, many things that we don't currently have in stock. If you're ever looking for something we don't have, please ask us about it!

    Anime Plushies are soft plush characters, similar to stuffed-animals.  Plushies can dramatically vary in size, and can be used in many ways.  Some parents of young children, for example, may give a child a plushie to carry around and hug.  Other people may prefer to use plushies to decorate their bed, adding extra style to their bedroom.  On top of all that, some collectors will proudly display plushies on shelves, as they do collectable figures, giving extra life to their rooms.

    As a collectables store, we try to only stock plushies that we consider to be of exquisite quality. The Chameleon's Den golden rule is: Don't stock anything that each of us wouldn't love to have ourselves!

    T-shirts, the universal way of expressing yourself, at least in our modern society. Seriously, how often do you see someone walking around with some T-shirt or another, sporting images of something they like? Wearing a T-shirt with your favorite video game or anime on it just tells the world: "I like this!"

    Our selection of T-shirts is extremely meager, when you think about all that's available out there.. Indeed, we can custom order at least 200 times the number that we have here, and in different sizes, so please don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like something custom ordered for you!