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[System] Last year, we were happy to hear two customers tell us that our Black Friday sale prices were lower than any other store they could find.. We weren't having a sale though, so enjoy our prices during the holiday season! Our stock is limited, however, so be sure to order anything you want before someone else does!

Playstation 2 Game: Dynasty Tactics 2

Product Information

Dynasty Tactics 2
Dynasty Tactics 2 - Back
Dynasty Tactics 2 - Inside
Dynasty Tactics 2 Manual - Front
Dynasty Tactics 2 Manual - Back
Dynasty Tactics 2 Disc - Front
Dynasty Tactics 2 Disc - Back
Our Price: $19.99

Item Name: Dynasty Tactics 2
Availability: In Stock
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Condition: Used
Type: VG: Playstation 2 Game

MPN: SLUS 20761
UPC: 0 40198 00127 4
Number Players: 1 - 2 Players
ESRB: Teen: Alcohol Reference, Violence

Tactical Combos and Links, and the New Tactical Chain System!
Use Tactical Chains to unleash multiple tactics in a single turn
Combine attacks with allied officers to forge devastating 'Team Tactics'

Twice the number of Tactics as the Original!
Learn new tactics at the Barracks
More powerful attacks: 'Fire Volley', 'Entice', and 'Melee'
Employ spies to infiltate enemy forces

Play as Lu Bu, the Ultimate Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!
Lu Bu joins Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Ce with epic new adventures, multiple story branches and endings.

Item Condition:
This game comes with its case, which is in good condition, with some light scratches and other wear. It also comes with its original manual, which is 49 pages in black and white, with the remnants of a price sticker on the front of it..