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[System] Last year, we were happy to hear two customers tell us that our Black Friday sale prices were lower than any other store they could find.. We weren't having a sale though, so enjoy our prices during the holiday season! Our stock is limited, however, so be sure to order anything you want before someone else does!

Video Game and Anime Collectable Figures

Action Figures, PVC Figures, Trading Figures


    Our collectable figures are beautiful works, intended to be displayed with pride.  We do not stock any anime figures that we're not proud of, so we have many beautiful treasures in here.

    Our collection of anime figures is rather limited, but please be aware that we can custom order many collectable figures that we don't have.  If you're looking for anything that we don't have, please don't hesitate to ask us!

    Action figures are designed with movable joints, making it possible for children, or kids-at-heart, to play with them...  However, usually anime action figures, like all other anime figures, are kept for display purposes, sitting on shelves, desks, and other such.

    As a collectables store, we are very picky about our selection of action figures.  We do not stock any figures with highly visible joints, but, as always, we can custom order many anime action figures that we don't have.

    PVC figures are high quality collectable figures that are made out of PVC and then painted.  These figures are fragile, although they are less likely to break than resin figures.  PVC figures are, in many cases, about the same quality as resin figures, and yet usually cost far less.

    Some PVC figures are less fragile than others, but we, nonetheless, do not recommend any of these for young children.  These are best for sitting on display on shelves, tables, or even your desk at work.

    Trading figures operate along similar lines as baseball cards, and other CCGs, do..  Often made out of PVC, all of our video game and anime trading figures originally come in sealed boxes, also known as blind boxes.  Sealed box trading figures have one random figure out of their set inside of each box, sealed in a way where no one can see what's inside of them until they open them.

    The main fun of anime trading figures is that you don't know which figure you'll get when you open up a box, but many times people don't want to take chances, or are looking only for one specific character.  As a result, we do have individual trading figures available.  To get these figures, we open up anentire case of anime trading figures at a time, so prices vary depending on supply and demand.