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Alichino Manga: Vol. 03, Reunion

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Item Name: Vol. 03, Reunion
Availability: In Stock
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Condition: Used
Series: Alichino
Type: Manga

Brand: 2001 Tokyopop
ISBN-10: 1595324801

Finally, the mysterious connection between Ryoko, Myobi, Hibiki, and Matsurika is revealed!

Ryoko spots a figure in the crowd, and by his reaction, Tsugiri can tell it's not just anyone. The person turns out to be Hibiki, an old friend who's being used by Matsurika. Once Matsurika gets hold of something, she never lets go - and her next target seems to be Tsugiri!

"The artwork is as awe-inspiring as the story itself... Fans of dark fantasy tales will adore Alichino."
-Laura Geist, Newtype

About 147 pages

Item Condition:
Very good condition, would be near mint except for normal wear on the spine.

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