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Magic Users Club DVD: Vol. 01, I'll Follow You!


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Item Name: Vol. 01, I'll Follow You! (Used)
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Condition: Used
Series: Magic Users Club
Type: DVD

Brand: 1996 Bandai Entertainment
UPC: 631595400274
Genre: Comedy: Action

It was in another world, during a magical time full of mystery, wonder, and ancient powder. It was a place known as high school.

When humanity was threatened by an alien force so powerful that all of Earth was left helpless, it became clear to anyone with any common sense at all that no one could ever stand against them. Luckily, our brave Magic User's Club doesn't have much of that. Earnestly clueless Sae Sawanoguchi must challenge the most powerful force in the universe, keep up with her homework, and thwart the bouncing bust of the evil queen of girl's comic-books, Miyama. In addition, the life of a normal high school student could never be complete without an army of shiny, invulnerable alien robots with inscrutable goals and unlimited firepower. Luckily for earth, the Magic User's Club is on the job. They are armed with Sae's enthusiasm, Nanaka's knack of botching magic at the worst possible time, club president Takakura's uncanny ability to interpret every situation as sexual, and club vice-president Aburatsubo's love of prancing around his fellow male students in a pair of tight tennis shorts. With all of this, it would be no wonder if the aliens just turned and fled immediately.

Contains episodes 01-02 on 1 DVD

Item Condition:
Near-perfect condition. Light scratch on the outter edge of the disc.

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