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Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi OST: Pine

Product Information

Ai Yori Aoshi OST
- Ai Yori Aoshi OST - Back
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Item Name: Pine
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Condition: New - Factory Sealed
Series: Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi
Type: OST

Brand: 2003 Pioneer
MPN: 5236-2
UPC: 0 13023 52362 3

This Original Soundtrack, or OST, features music from the anime Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi

The tracks/songs on this Original Soundtrack (OST) CD are as follows:

01. Treasure (On Air Version)
02. Fate
03. Summer Sunshine
04. Tennis Fun
05. Our Feelings (Moonlit night Version)
06. Our Feelings (Pf Solo Version)
07. An Occult Girl
08. Loving Heart
09. Be Thrilled at Dating
10. Conflict
11. Our Feelings (Determination Version)
12. A Wild Fancy
13. The 12 o'clock Bell
14. Action Results from Supressed Endurance
15. Cirrocumulus Clouds
16. Playing in the Lengthening Nights
17. Clamor
19. Petit Love
20. A Moonflower
21. My Favorite Things
22. A Broken Mirror
23. An Omen
24. Tears
25. New Bonds
26. Santa Aoi
27. I Do! (On Air Version)
28.Drama 'Which Chef Wins the Bistro's Apron?'
29.An Additional CM: Movies 'Take (Bamboo) & Ume (Plum)'

Wonderful for collectors or fans of the anime, this Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi Original Soundtrack (OST) is well worth adding to your collection, and is in new, sealed condition!