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Banjo-Kazooie OST: Nuts & Bolts

Product Information

Banjo-Kazooie OST
Banjo-Kazooie OST - Back
Our Price: $14.99

Item Name: Nuts & Bolts
Availability: In Stock
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Condition: New - Factory Sealed
Series: Banjo-Kazooie
Type: OST

Brand: 2009 Microsoft
MPN: SE-2059-2
UPC: 669311205926

  • 1. The Bear And Bird Begin (1:04)
    Composed and performed by Robin Beanland
  • 2. Showdown Town Square (4:10)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 3. Testing Times (2:16)
    Composed and performed by Dave Clynick
  • 4. Let the Jiggoseum Games Begin! (1:10)
    Composed by Dave Clynick
  • 5. Parading The Jiggoseum (4:06)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 6. Jiggoseum Japes (1:48)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 7. Jiggoseum Jiggery-pokery (2:04)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 8. Grappling With Gruntilda (2:13)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 9. Banjoland Visitors This Way (0:51)
    Composed by Dave Clynick
  • 10. Discovering Banjoland (6:39)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 11. Banjoland Buffoonery (2:19)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 12. Beating Banjoland (2:29)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 13. The Terrarium Awaits (1:03)
    Composed by Dave Clynick
  • 14. Exploring The Terrarium (4:23)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 15. Terrarium Trickery (2:00)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 16. Test Of The Terrarium (2:20)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 17. Trial By Jinjo (2:18)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 18. Logbox 720: Access Granted (1:02)
    Composed by Dave Clynick
  • 19. Inside The LogBox (4:54)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 20. LogBox Lunacy (3:19)
    Composed by Robin Beanland
  • 21. LogBox Larks (2:49)
    Composed by Dave Clynick & Robin Beanland
  • 22. Cruising Showdown Town (4:10)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope & Robin Beanland
  • 23. Welcome To Nutty Acres (1:03)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 24. Out Around Nutty Acres (4:31)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 25. Nutty Acres Action (2:14)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 26. Nutty Acres Aggro (2:19)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 27. Spiral Mountain Shoutin' (2:24)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • 28. The Final Fight (2:15)
    Composed by Grant Kirkhope