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Ayane's High Kick VHS Tape: The Movie


Product Information

Ayanes High Kick VHS Tape - Front
Ayanes High Kick VHS Tape - Back
Ayanes High Kick VHS Tape - Inside
Our Price: $4.99

Item Name: The Movie (Dubbed)
Availability: In Stock
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Condition: Used
Series: Ayane's High Kick
Type: VHS Tape

Brand: 1996 U.S. Manga Corps
MPN: USM 1646
UPC: 7 19987 16463 5

Meet Ayane Mitsui: full-time high school student and part-time hand-to-hand combat specialist! Exams are forgotten and homework is neglected as she pursues her life-long dream of becoming a pro-wresting champion. Ayane has got what it takes - skill, determination, a lethal 'high kick' - even a cool wrestling mask! But who will guide her to the top?

Enter Kunimitsu Tangay: a veteran trainer who is prepared to mold young Ayane into a championship caliber fighter. But his rigorous training regimen isn't preparing her for wresting...but for kickboxing, instead! Feeling betrayed, Ayane is furious when Kunimitsu enters her in a kickboxing tournament. But Ayane's school ABSOLUTELY FORBIDS such violent extracurricular activities. What will she do when Sakurako Miyagawa, the top contender of the All Japan Kickboxing League, challenges her to a duel? Will she be able to high-kick her way to victory - or will she get kicked out of school?

Approximately 60. English Dubbed. NTSC format.