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Bubblegum Crisis VHS Tape: Episode 8: Scoop Chase

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Item Name: Episode 8: Scoop Chase
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Condition: Used
Series: Bubblegum Crisis
Type: VHS Tape

Brand: 1990 AnimEigo
UPC: 737187001253
ISBN-10: 1565671244

It is the year 2033 A.D. Would-be VidReporter Lisa Vanotte films the Knight Sabers in action, forcing Priss to destroy her father's favourite camera. Lisa vows to get even by discovering their true identities.

When you want to dig up dirt in MegaTokyo, it doesn't hurt to be the Chief of A.D. Police's favourite niece! An unfortunate Nene finds herself saddled with the job of escorting Lisa around town. Despite a discouraging start, Lisa proves to be more difficult to mislead than Nene anticipates, and she almost manages to discover the Knight Saber's secret training facility at Raven's garage.

Lisa isn't Nene's only problem. Once again, her latest combat simulation is well below par, and the rest of the Knight Sabers won't let her forget it. They won't let her forget those extra pounds she's put on, either.

Lisa refuses to give up her quest, end eventually persistence pays off. She obtains a photograph that proves that Nene is a Knight Saber. Sylia, hoping to protect their identities, pays Lisa a visit, and tries to explain what the Knight Sabers' true purpose is.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yoshida, a truly demented GENOM scientist, has secretly built a new type of Boomer. He decides to test them out by having them destroy A.D. Police H.Q. By hacking into the building's central computer, one of the Boomers turns it into an automated death-trap. Now Lisa's scoop may become an obituary -- her own!

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