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Wallscrolls and Posters


    Wallscrolls and Posters, and other things to decorate your walls with. This section of Chameleon's Den is basically our home decor section.

    There are many, many wallscrolls and posters out there, and we can custom order many, many things that we don't have. If you're ever looking for something in particular, let us know!

    Wallscrolls are basically giant, cloth posters. Being printed on cloth, they're a little less crisp than many posters, but they're longlasting. With wallscrolls, you don't have to worry about little finger-pressure crumples, nor do you have to worry about them tearing up easily. Wallscrolls are highly recommended by us, and they really do add both style, fashion, and color to any room they're put in.

    Posters, on the other hand, are cheaply made, very fragile things. Oftentimes no more than a thin paper, they can tear and crumple extremely easily.

    There are some rare exceptions out there, such as the transparent posters, which are printed on a hard plastic. But unless we say otherwise, please think of every poster we have as being regular posters.