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.hack//SIGN OST: Original Soundtrack 1


Product Information

Hack SIGN OST1 - Back
Last Price: $19.99
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Item Name: Original Soundtrack 1 (OST1)
Availability: Unavailable
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Condition: New - Factory Sealed
Series: .hack//SIGN
Type: OST

Brand: Bandai Entertainment
MPN: 2217-CD
UPC: 6 69198 22176 7

This Original Soundtrack, or OST, features music from the anime .hack//SIGN

The tracks/songs on this Original Soundtrack (OST) CD are as follows:

01. Yasashii Yoake TV-size
02. The World
03. Kiss
04. Key of the Twilight
05. Valley of Mist
06. Where the Sky is High
07. Fake Wings
08. Interlude
09. Fear
10. Aura
11. Before Dawn
12. Foreigners
13. B.T.
14. A Stray Child
15. Sit Beside Me
16. Magic and Sword
17. A Bit of Happiness
18. Silent Life
19. Obsession TV-Mix

Wonderful for collectors or fans of the anime, this .hack//SIGN Original Soundtrack (OST) is well worth adding to your collection, and is in new, sealed condition!