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Super Nintendo Game: 7th Saga

Product Information

Screenshot - By the King
Screenshot - Combat Menu
Screenshot - Talking
Screenshot - Talking 2
Screenshot - Title Screen
Last Price: $19.99
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Item Name: 7th Saga
Availability: Unavailable
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Condition: Used
Type: VG: Super Nintendo Game

Brand: 1993 Enix America
UPC: 7 19631 00007 4
Genre: RPG: Classic
Number Players: 1 Player

The graphics are eye-popping, breath-taking, stunning and unbelievable, not to mention incredible. This is no hack-and-slash, rip-your-guts-out fighter! This is the future of RPGs, right here in your hands! With music this good, you won't turn the sound off--you'll turn it up! No more small elves leading your team! This game contains real, believable figures. You won't be embarrassed to use your own name; you'll be proud. It's just you against six other characters in search of the 7 Sacred Runes. Whoever finds them... Rules the World. It's that simple, that easy. The only problem is you have some enemies, and I don't mean a few. I mean an army of things you've never seen before ready to raise the hair on the back of your neck and take you out the one swing. This is one powerful RPG. Can you handle it?!

The 7th Saga, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also called SuperNES or SNES, is a rather different, and challenging, classic RPG. The 7th Saga starts off by allowing you to choose one of 7 characters.. The other 6 characters wander about the game, interacting with you.. You may be able to join up with one of them to help your journey - or they may attack you to try to steal your runes.. If one of these NPCs steal a rune from you, you're meant to track them down to get it back!

Item Condition:
is in very good overall condition, with some light scratches and other signs of wear.